Is it time 
for your TYPO3 upgrade?

Every 18 months, TYPO3 releases a Long-Term Support (LTS) version that's officially supported for three years. When this support ends, it's time to consider an upgrade. Upgrading regularly helps close security gaps, boosts performance, and enhances user experience. It ensures your website stays technically and legally up to date, offering you a dependable and future-ready content management system.



Why prioritize
a TYPO3 upgrade?

Ensuring Legal Compliance and Data Protection

As a website operator, the Telemedia Act requires you to keep your commercially used website secure and up-to-date. This starts with the currency of your TYPO3 system. By staying up-to-date with the latest technology, your website is shielded from external attacks by hackers and other disruptions.


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Functional Advantages

New TYPO3 versions not only bring exciting features for developers, editors, and website operators but also are continuously adapted to the latest GDPR guidelines and SEO opportunities. Each version also works to make the backend even more user-friendly and accessible. Stay up-to-date to save resources and unleash the full potential of these features.

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System Security

TYPO3 ensures continuous security updates and regular checks to maintain both technical and legal security. Through TYPO3 Long Term Support (LTS), users benefit from three years of free security updates for each major version. Without these updates, the risk of security vulnerabilities increases due to the growing threat posed by hackers.


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At the Forefront of Technology

A TYPO3 update or upgrade doesn't just offer your website users improved stability, performance, and SEO; it also increasingly integrates artificial intelligence to expand automation capabilities and simplify editorial work. Regular updates, including database and PHP updates, keep your website secure and technologically up-to-date, allowing you to benefit from the latest opportunities.


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Security vulnerabilities
pose a threat to your TYPO3 system!

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Content at Risk

Outdated TYPO3 systems can pose an increased risk, as attackers could potentially steal sensitive data or manipulate the content of your website. The consequences of a successful hack can be significant and may require a comprehensive security audit to prevent future attacks.

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External & Malicious Content

Attackers exploit insecure TYPO3 systems to offer or exchange downloads. Insecure websites can be ideal for spreading malware and viruses. Therefore, it's crucial to keep TYPO3 systems up to date and adequately secured.

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Spam Distribution

If attackers take control of your TYPO3 system, they can easily leverage it to send out spam emails in large volumes. Besides causing substantial inconvenience, there's also the risk of being blacklisted. Implementing security measures is vital to protect the integrity of your TYPO3 system.

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Infrastructure Collapse

An attack can severely impact server performance, causing individual functions to fail or leading to a complete server shutdown. Providers may also reserve the option for a complete system shutdown, resulting in the unavailability of your data.

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Visibility in Search Engines

Search engine algorithms penalize outdated TYPO3 systems and may even remove them entirely from search indexes due to existing security risks. This results in temporary disappearance from search results, leading to decreased visibility for your website.

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Unpredictable Expenses

Once a system is hacked, it requires tremendous effort to secure it again. Often, it's necessary to wipe the entire system and rebuild it from scratch. Investing in proactive security measures can save significant costs and time in the long run.


How do we bring your system 
o the next level

major upgrade

Every two years, TYPO3 releases a new major version with significant features and system enhancements. Additionally, the TYPO3 community provides security and bug updates for each major version for three years. When it's time for a major upgrade, we analyze, execute, test, and ensure a seamless transition.


Your Benefits

  • integration of new trends and technologies
  • minimize risks, enhance security
  • enhanced user experience
  • progressive & competitive

continuous upgrading

Continuous upgrades provide an effective solution for updating and maintaining large and complex systems. With TYPO3 continuous upgrading, you receive regular updates and fast upgrades for modern, secure, and high-performing websites that meet the increasing demands of your users and evolving cyber threats

Continuous upgrading allows individual components to be continuously modernized and updated, leading to accelerated updates even in complex systems. This not only reduces the complexity of the update process but also minimizes the risk of errors.

Benefit from less stress and more time for growing your business while simultaneously enjoying the latest features.

Your Benefits

  • integration of new trends and technologies
  • minimize risks, enhance security
  • cost-effective solutions
  • enhanced user experience
  • progressive & competitive
  • reduced compatibility issues

Extended Long 
Term Support

TYPO3 ELTS (Extended Long Term Support) is a paid transitional solution for older TYPO3 versions after the regular support ends. With ELTS, these versions continue to receive security updates, ensuring website protection against new threats. This option allows website operators to securely operate their existing TYPO3 installations while preparing for a comprehensive upgrade or relaunch. ELTS is a valuable solution for users of older TYPO3 versions who want to ensure the security of their website.


Your Benefits

  • quick solution
  • risk minimization
  • compliance
  • financial oversight
  • more planning time
  • reduced downtime and errors

instead of upgrading

Simply upgrading older TYPO3 versions may not suffice. A complete relaunch offers a more effective way to bring your website up to date technologically while also investing time in content and concepts that align with your goals and target audience.

Through a relaunch, not only can design and user experience be revamped, but functionalities can also be fundamentally improved. This involves considering the latest technologies, security standards, and evolving user behaviors.

A relaunch is more than just a superficial change to your website—it allows for a fundamental modernization of your digital presence.

Your Benefits

  • technological update
  • enhancement of functionality
  • design overhaul
  • long-term assurance
  • user experience refinement
  • security standards enhancement
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Questions about
TYPO3 upgrades?

Not updating your TYPO3 system poses risks such as security vulnerabilities, compatibility issues with plugins/extensions, and decreased performance. This can lead to lower rankings in search engines, device incompatibility, and an overall impaired user experience. Additionally, older PHP versions are often no longer supported by hosts, while new TYPO3 versions are based on current PHP versions, enhancing security and efficiency.


A TYPO3 upgrade involves updating the system and existing features to a newer version within the existing website structure, while a relaunch entails a comprehensive redesign and overhaul of the website, often involving the modernization of key features.

During a relaunch, the content and goals of the website are evaluated and reconceptualized to meet changing requirements. This typically requires a larger investment compared to a simple upgrade, but it provides a significantly improved foundation for future developments and adjustments.

The Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) is a service provided by TYPO3 GmbH, offering security updates to end-users during a transitional period before an upgrade or relaunch.

ELTS provides short-term security updates for older TYPO3 versions, but is a paid service and contributes to keeping the technology outdated. An upgrade requires more initial effort and cost but improves the long-term security, functionality, and future-proofing of your website.

The cost of a TYPO3 upgrade depends on the website complexity, individual customizations, version differences, and extension update efforts. A small to medium upgrade often starts in the low four-figure range, while more extensive or highly customized projects require higher investments. For an accurate cost estimate, we provide individual quotes.


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to take action?

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