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"More modern, more varied, and clearer – yet equally informative!" This encapsulates the vision that GEW NRW shares for its redesigned website. Collaborating closely with the GEW NRW team, we invested significant effort in conceptualization, design, and development. Our overarching goal was to create a user-friendly space where members and potential members could navigate the Education and Science Trade Union NRW website more swiftly and effortlessly. Through joint efforts, we implemented targeted measures and structures to ensure a positive and streamlined user experience, embodying the essence of a more dynamic and accessible online platform.

Project Highlights

  • website relaunch
  • development of measures for member recruitment & retention
  • integration of the member magazine
  • expand synergies and benefits for 53 divisions
  • landing page concept
  • product page for education encyclopaedia
  • removal of the most important pain points in existing functions
  • performance optimisation
  • phase planning for expansion stages
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concept, design, development, system integration, migration

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labor union, education

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We are
where education is

The North Rhine-Westphalia Education and Science Trade Union (GEW NRW) is one of the largest and most influential education labor unions in North Rhine-Westphalia and comprises a total of 53 locations. GEW NRW has played a decisive role in the educational landscape for 75 years. Its commitment to the rights and interests of educators, teachers and education professionals is sustainable and future-orientated.

GEW NRW is characterized by its strong commitment to education, equal opportunities and quality improvement in the education system. These values are also reflected in their partnership with us as we work together on website relaunch projects with the goals of membership recruitment, retention and the development of valuable resources such as the education lexicon.

GEW NRW is a client that always strives for the highest standards and values our creative solutions and technical skills to achieve their goals. We value our collaboration with GEW NRW and are proud to work together to improve the educational landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Mockup Overview GEW-NRWMockup Overview GEW-NRW

Our aim was to create a modern and user-friendly platform for GEW NRW that specifically addresses the needs and interests of the target groups on all end devices. Both existing members and potential new members should be guided by the new website through a fresh and clear structure that impressively conveys the image of the union, the member service and the benefits of membership.

One challenge was to transfer the extensive amount of content into a new, efficient structure and at the same time develop measures to meet the needs of the users. This involved taking into account 53 branch pages with their own structures, integrating the previously separate members' magazine with its own web presence and addressing the various problems that had arisen over time with the old website. GEW NRW also works with interfaces for membership administration and the coordination of appointments and training courses, which were also taken into account in new logics and the overall user experience.

We are proud of the result that we have achieved in close cooperation with GEW NRW and look forward to the expansion of the new website and the upcoming measures for member recruitment and retention.



A modern and user-friendly platform for GEW NRW.


towards clear goals

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During the discovery phase, we worked closely with GEW NRW to understand their needs and requirements. We held workshops and regular meetings to gain in-depth insights into their target groups, use cases and opportunities.

This phase was crucial to develop a clear vision for the relaunch process and lay the foundation for the next steps.

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During the design phase, we used our extensive team expertise to immerse ourselves in creative design and technical innovation. With our team of experts and in close collaboration with GEW NRW, we not only turned ideas into concrete measures, but also focused on a first-class user experience (UX) and an appealing user interface (UI).

Our technical foresight enabled us to create a modern platform that is not only informative but also extremely user-friendly. We designed it to reflect the union's image, optimise member services and communicate the many benefits of membership in a compelling way. Our expertise in UX and UI design, as well as our technical expertise, allowed us to develop a website that seamlessly integrates with the needs of the users while maintaining a modern, professional look and feel.

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Our website is based on TYPO3 and includes many page trees, various page types and extensions. One of the main goals was to automate topic and category pages in order to minimise the workload of the GEW NRW editorial team and always display up-to-date, relevant content. We used proven TYPO3 extensions such as tx_news, powermail, lux and solr to ensure sustainable support.

Our component-based work with Fluid Components enabled a standardised design. We also migrated content from other systems to standardize functionality and create a modern, effective website.

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Following the successful go-live of the new website, we have focussed on expansion. We continue to focus on continuously improving the user experience, generating leads and retaining members. The gew-nrw.de serves as a knowledge pool with valuable content for the target groups and is constantly being expanded to ensure that it remains relevant and informative.

The website is the result of a partnership initiative aimed at sustainably improving the educational landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Effective landing:
Concepts that convince and generate leads

Our comprehensive website relaunch is live and focusses on modernity and design synergy. These innovations benefit everyone involved - the users, the organisations and also the image of GEW NRW.

UX/UI Design




UX/UI Design

Intuitive and consistent user interface design on all devices

GEW NRW presents its website as a successful blend of intuitiveness, clear design and technical sophistication. The user interface enables a seamless experience on all devices. A clear information architecture ensures a positive user experience, while foresight in both design and technology creates not only improvements but also added value for organisational structures. Modern user guidance facilitates orientation. At the same time, concepts were implemented to encourage users to linger on the site - a website that is informative and aesthetically pleasing.

UX/UI DesignUX/UI Design


Improved filtering and display of contact persons

The revision of the contact persons section on the GEW NRW website improves user interaction. More precise filtering and presentation ensure an optimised user experience. Three separate contact areas facilitate orientation. The targeted search for contact persons is supported by visible filter effects, which increases efficiency. Logged-in members benefit from a watch list for immediate contact. The quick overview of topics enables targeted access to advice and political work. These measures ensure that the website responds effectively to user needs.



Landing pages: concepts that shine

The newly designed landing pages of GEW NRW set new standards for online presentations. These glamorous concepts offer all information and benefits at a glance. A convincing page structure presents the membership in a coherent way. The intuitive form concept avoids sensory overload and enables seamless interaction. The landing page concept is easy to design and at the same time extremely effective for lead generation. These well thought-out concepts not only contribute to the modern appearance of the website, but also offer an efficient and appealing way to address members and interested parties.



An educational encyclopedia as a product for SEO support

The newly launched education lexicon on the GEW NRW website is not only a valuable product, but also an active supporter of search engine optimisation (SEO). An intuitive user interface design creates a positive user experience. Generic search attracts potential members by providing easy-to-understand access to educational content. High keyword density improves findability and lead generation potential. This integration of SEO and user-friendly design emphasizes the educational encyclopedia as an important element that conveys knowledge and contributes to member acquisition.

Integration MitgliedermagazinIntegration Mitgliedermagazin

Coming Soon

The integration of the member magazine:
for even more high-quality content on the website

The integration of the members' magazine on the GEW NRW website promises additional high-quality content. The visibility in the global environment of all GEW NRW content is maximized, highlighting the member magazine as a central source of information. A preview of member benefits offers potential members insights into the exclusive content. At the same time, the targeted use of selected magazine content enables effective member recruitment through appealing and relevant presentation.

Coming Soon

A measure for automatic content composition
for target groups

An innovative measure for automatically compiling content aims to present users with tailored content. The pre-filtering of topics relevant to the target group enables a targeted approach. The prioritization and highlighting of specialist area contributions ensures an optimized flow of information. This improves the flow of users within their area of interest and provides a clear overview of the members' range of interests. This not only creates added value for existing members, but also serves to attract new members through the editorial focus of topics on the various target groups.

Automatisierter Content für ZielgruppenAutomatisierter Content für Zielgruppen

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