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KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH, known for its motto "Spirit of Creativity", provides innovative solutions for the global process industry in over 135 countries. Our collaboration aimed to replace their outdated web presence with a state-of-the-art headless CMS platform that meets the diverse requirements of their global market presence.

Project Highlights

  • 135 country pages with up to 11 languages 
  • additional microsites in one system
  • central and local content intelligently inherited
  • full integration of products, solutions and services from central PIM
  • multidimensional filters and product finder
  • central platform for new and existing customers
  • replacement of various isolated and individual solutions
  • reusable forms with central contact management and CRM connection
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concept, design, development, system integration

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Industry sector

measuring technology, process industry

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Spirit of

KROHNE Messtechnik offers a complete portfolio of measurement solutions for the global process industry. The company is active in 135 countries and operates a separate website for each country. KROHNE serves a wide range of industries with products and solutions for their specific requirements. A central marketing department manages most of the content, product information and media. Nevertheless, local marketing editors can maintain and adapt content on their country pages without compromising maintainability and topicality.

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Radical modernization
and consolidation

Our project began with the challenge of an outdated CMS, 134 local page trees and a large number of customizations. An additional challenge was the integration of different systems and the replacement of isolated microsites as well as the introduction of a responsive design.

Winner of the German Design Award 2024: Excellent Communications Design

The design of the KROHNE websites was honored by the jury with a "Special Mention" and is a recognition of the outstanding result.

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The Evolution of a High-Performance Platform

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In an intensive conception phase with various workshops, interviews and analyses, the requirements and framework conditions of the project were worked out and several lines of action were defined.

In a clear recommendation for action, we showed KROHNE the necessary steps, developed a plan and calculated budgets.

In addition, we designed a technical concept and a new system architecture.

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Together with KROHNE we first designed and developed the most important content types and click paths with the help of schematic wireframes. This involved creating a completely usable click dummy, even though no "design" existed yet. This allowed KROHNE to plan all views and content elements without being distracted by visual stimuli.

Based on the finished wireframe, we then optimized and precisely designed all views for mobile and desktop and created a complete design system for KROHNE. This can and is also used for other applications.

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The implementation posed a particular challenge. Various existing components had to be integrated and expanded - in particular the PIM (Product Information Management) Akeneo, the central API, the form service and the download center.

New systems also had to be created, such as the headless CMS Statamic and the detached frontend based on Next.js with React. This naturally included the migration of thousands of existing contents from the old CMS.

The new, completely responsive frontend with dozens of extensive functions was also a challenge.

In addition, the Chinese system was integrated and the hosting was scaled for worldwide delivery.

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The new websites were successfully launched in the fall of 2021, following over a year of dedicated project efforts. Since then, we have been working with KROHNE to improve all components, create new functions and take over additional systems. This includes, for example, a login area for customers, increasing performance, search engine optimization, maintaining the software systems and improving usability.


The path to digital 
peak performance





Central API with all marketing content

In the spirit of API-driven development (design and create the APIs first, then build the rest of the application around them), we have created a central marketing API that manages all content centrally as a content hub. The Product Information Management System, the new headless CMS (Statamic), all media content from the Digital Asset Management System (Cloudinary) and the central form service are connected. All websites can be rendered directly from the API. In addition, the information can also be used for the web store, microsites and other KROHNE applications.

Central API with all marketing contentCentral API with all marketing content


Headless Content Management System

A lot of structured content is already created, translated and brought into relation with each other in the PIM system. In addition to pure products, this also includes solutions, services, contacts, processes with measuring points and even metadata for images and videos. The actual page tree, output, filtering and other content are compiled in a headless CMS by the central marketing department. In addition, each country can make specific changes for the individual country in a local page tree. All content is stored directly in the central API and prepared for output on the websites.

Headless content management systemHeadless content management system


Central forms service

The central forms service delivers correctly translated forms on all websites and handles all contact management. It is directly connected to the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) and can route leads, event registrations and similar information into the CRM.

Content from the CRM can also be retrieved directly and rendered in the forms, for example quotation numbers for a quotation evaluation form.

Central forms serviceCentral forms service

Modern frontend 
for all countries and microsites

The fully responsive and mobile-optimized frontend renders all websites for the KROHNE Group. It is based on Next.js with React, which means that the user interface loads quickly thanks to the direct delivery of previously rendered HTML and provides appealing animations and interactions.

KROHNE Messtechnik world mapKROHNE Messtechnik world map
KROHNE Messtechnik filteringKROHNE Messtechnik filtering

Extensive frontend filtering & product finder

Products can be narrowed down and searched using multidimensional filters to meet specific requirements. All other content can also be served with high-performance filters.

Product finders enable the right products to be found quickly using simple questions. Cross-links between products, references, industries, services and all other entities ensure that customers can find the right content via any route.

Portfolio takes center stage

KROHNE positions itself on the market as a solution provider. In addition to the presentation of the products with all technical data and possible applications, the specific areas of application in individual industries, services offered and specific solutions for entire processes therefore play an important role.

Portfolio takes center stagePortfolio takes center stage
Service, events & recruitingService, events & recruiting

Service, Events & Recruiting

For existing customers the websites provide a wide range of self-service offers. Each product offers all available documents, manuals, etc. in all versions and languages. Appointments with service technicians or the return of a device can be requested directly on the website.

The event calendar offers the option of registering directly for an event. Separate landing pages can be created for trade fairs or similar events. Applicants can find everything they need to know about working at KROHNE on this page. Of course, all vacancies can also be filtered there and offer options to apply immediately.

135 country pages including China & microsite builder

The frontend renders 135 independent websites for all countries in which KROHNE is active. Each country has some country-specific content or content that may only be displayed in that country or not at all in that country.

The pages can be displayed in up to 12 languages and the Chinese pages are also delivered with high performance via a special proxy in China.

It recognizes when a user comes from a certain country and suggests the appropriate country. Other independent websites on specific topics can also be displayed directly via the standardized front end and use all the functions of the websites.

Industrial worlds & process navigation

The industries in which KROHNE products and solutions can be used play a special role. The spectrum ranges from beer breweries to oil pipelines and shipping. To demonstrate the right product range and the right place of use to customers and interested parties, each industry has its own virtual and animated world with zoom-in tracking shots of specific sub-industries and processes. Specific measuring points can be selected in interactive process graphics and the corresponding products and solutions can be displayed.


When innovation
becomes reality

Our work has led to a significant improvement in customer interaction, performance and KROHNE's global presence. We are proud to have achieved the goals within a tight timeframe and the platform now provides a solid foundation for future expansion. KROHNE's newly created presence revives the "Spirit of Creativity" and shows that technology is also an art and requires creative solutions.

KROHNE Messtechnik headquarterKROHNE Messtechnik headquarter
KROHNE Messtechnik trianglesKROHNE Messtechnik triangles

With Rheinschafen by our side, KROHNE not only has a partner on equal footing but also thinkers and doers who assist us in crafting bespoke solutions tailored to our specific challenges and framework conditions. Together, we are setting new standards!

Thomas Sojka profileThomas Sojka profile

Thomas Sojka

Head of Digital Marketing at KROHNE