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In a matter of months, we successfully transformed the Masterflex Group website from its previous state to a new, modern platform. Through an intensive conceptualization phase and subsequent execution—guided by a strict deadline for the annual general meeting—we not only met but exceeded expectations. The result is a contemporary website offering a superior user experience with visually striking elements. This site not only serves as the cornerstone for the Masterflex Group's other brand websites but also stands as the new centralized hub for all target groups of the hose specialist from Gelsenkirchen, with locations spanning Europe, America, and Asia. Since the inception of our collaboration in early 2021, our ongoing partnership has been focused on the continuous enhancement of the website.

Project Highlights

  • short project duration
  • relaunch 2020 and subsequent further expansion
  • translations can be automated based on DeepL integration
  • lead management via whitepaper downloads
  • extensive content library for editors
  • CDN for high-performance delivery of assets
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concept, design, development, system integration

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Industry sector

Production, connection and hose systems

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Customer since


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Specializing in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality connection and hose systems crafted from high-performance plastics and fabrics, the Masterflex Group is a key player in its field. Boasting six distinct corporate brands and 14 operating subsidiaries across Europe, America, and Asia, the Masterflex Group holds a robust global presence. In 2016, the University of St. Gallen recognized the Gelsenkirchen-based company as the true global market leader.

We have accompanied the Masterflex Group on its digital journey, supporting its evolution into a "hidden champion" that stands out in the digital realm.

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Inspiring relaunch
despite time constraints

The primary objective behind the Masterflex Group website relaunch was to establish a solid technical and design foundation. Both the Group and its associated brands sought an engaging design and a technically optimized platform for their online presence. These efforts were not only geared toward achieving a visually appealing website but also aimed at enhancing SEO optimization and fostering improved lead generation.

Despite facing tight deadlines for the relaunch, our goal was to develop a product that would endure over time and be easily scalable. Right from the start, our focus was on creating a website that would stand the test of time, even within the constraints of a limited timeframe.


From Insights
to Impact

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From the beginning, both the Masterflex Group and our team shared a clear vision: to bring to life a product that is not only enduring but also easily scalable. These specifications crystallized swiftly, especially given the constraints of a tight timeframe and a rapid, agile familiarization phase. They became the guiding principles for our conceptualization and subsequent implementation.

The realization phase at the onset of our collaboration was significantly shaped by open and direct exchanges during productive meetings and workshops. This collaborative atmosphere played a pivotal role in steering the project towards successful implementation.

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Serving as the cornerstone for the collective digital home of all Masterflex Group brands, there was a significant emphasis on demanding flexibility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology. Our shared objective was to elevate the website to new heights in both aesthetics and functionality.

During a focused wireframing and design phase, the revamped digital presence of the Masterflex Group swiftly took shape and became visually tangible. Leveraging contemporary concept and design methodologies, we seamlessly integrated the client's key contacts into the ideation process, ensuring collaborative input, thorough checks, and informed decision-making.

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Employing TYPO3 as the new content management system, the Masterflex Group has not only established an optimal foundation for its main website but has also unlocked a versatile array of options through its modular system.

Facilitated by a centralized style guide, all available content elements can be seamlessly discovered and integrated for personalized use. Moreover, a paramount focus was placed on streamlining content maintenance processes. To achieve this, we integrated translation technology from DeepL, allowing for the automatic provision of content in multiple languages.

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After the successful and timely launch of the website for the Masterflex Group's Annual General Meeting, the project seamlessly progressed. In the interim, the primary Masterflex brand has transitioned to the new system, and a hose finder, including PIM integration, has been successfully implemented.

We are actively advancing the expansion and ongoing development of existing functions, ensuring a continuous and successful evolution of the project.


Staying flexible. 
A connection that makes sense.

The Masterflex Group's online strategy has found its ultimate home. Investors, customers, and internal stakeholders can now access all pertinent information in one central location. Beyond its centralized role, the new website goes above and beyond, offering modern and practical functionalities that enrich the user experience in multiple ways:

PIM integration


Hose finder


PIM integration

All hoses and connectors on the website and directly from the Product Information Management System

In bringing the first Masterflex brand website to life, we expanded the TYPO3 modular system to seamlessly integrate with a PIM connection. This innovation allows for flexible modules that draw from the central Product Information Management System of the Masterflex Group, streamlining the integration and presentation of Masterflex products.

With this setup, the days of duplicating content and managing outdated product information are now a thing of the past.

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By directly integrating DeepL into TYPO3, creating localized websites and managing content becomes incredibly straightforward

Automation and simplifying workflows are prominent trends in our era. Platforms like DeepL have made remarkable advancements, especially in the realm of automated translations.

Utilizing the DeepL interface, we automatically translate the German content of the website. The editorial team subsequently has the option to decide whether these translations should be used automatically and directly or if they require individual revisions.

This approach eliminates the need for an external translation process, potentially allowing the website to be accessible in over 30 languages without the additional detour.

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Hose finder

All hoses and connectors - quick to find

When searching for the right hose, you may encounter a common challenge. Determining the suitable temperature range for a specific pumped medium and the corresponding operating pressure can be tricky.

The Masterflex Hose Finder addresses this issue, offering customers the perfect solution by providing a comprehensive overview.

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Whitepaper downloads generate leads and retain interested users

Understanding how to do something is crucial, and in this case, it works both ways. Through product and industry-specific white papers, the Masterflex Group imparts exclusive knowledge and information to its customers. In return, the company collects the contact details of interested parties.

The marketing extension for previewing, registering, and activating the whitepapers emerges as an exciting tool for lead generation, significantly enhancing the marketing value of the website.

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Throughout the course of the project - and the further cooperation - our initial impression was confirmed that we had chosen a courageous and dynamic team. Their clear focus and sound working methods gave us, as the Masterflex Group, the secure feeling that we had the right partner at our side.

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Henning Mettge

Group Head of Marketing at Masterflex SE